Senior Housing Driven by Need
The Gazette Telegraph (Rich Laden)
November 5, 2001

‘Randy Case, whose family members are longtime landowners and developers in the Springs, said developers are open to renting apartments to seniors and don’t want to fence them out.  Yet, he acknowledged that market-rate rents may preclude some seniors from renting in such projects.  Some developers are even open to setting aside some units for seniors and other groups; one of Case’s companies partnered with an Ohio firm in the development of the Lynmar Apartments, which opened in 1999 in the north part of the city.  That project took advantage of tax credits available through local governments and set aside 45 of its 100 units for tenants on fixed incomes – seniors and anybody else, Case said.  But in doing things like this, developers risk having their projects labeled “affordable housing,” which turns off other potential tenants or causes nearby residents to oppose the project, Case said.  The label “can kill a project, it’s just that simple,” Case said.’